half hidden is a secret garden, expanding library, artist studio, and gathering space for a variety of esoteric and creative intentions. Beneath its main street 1970s metal facade lies an 1860s structure recently renovated with the hope of encouraging and growing more interdependent communities engaged in creative thinking, deep listening, and shared knowledge.

The Half Hidden reading room, a comfortable living space located on the second floor currently features the The Mary Anna Aldrich LIbrary of the Metaphysical and Esoteric, a collection of over 500 books spanning many curious and illuminating subject matters in a wide range of ethnographic traditions. Theosophy, Alternative Medicine, The Occult Sciences, Parapsychology, Geomancy, Neuromancy, Astrology, Shamanism - to name a few. Learn ESP and how to build a campfire. Research the wonders of castor oil and mesmerism. Explore a range of books on color psychology and practice reading auras. The library is arranged by color so that books may find you as much as you may find them.

The reading room is currently closed to visitors due to difficulties maintaining social distancing however we will re-open for visitors with scheduled private appointments beginning in the spring.