february 02, 2021 - spirit meadow and the inverse field

"a state of mystical reverie incepted by vast abscenses." (notes from the library)

"Spirit Meadow is sometimes described as a four sided field bounded by the states of sleeping, waking, dreaming, and trance; it is simultaneously considered a place of embodied power and an actual place... serves as both a state of orientation for the dreamer and also the fecundated locus that gives birth to dreams themselves."

notes from Veneficium by Daniel A. Schulke

detail spirit meadow 2020. weaving. 32"x 88" silk, wool, cotton, linen

the topography of dreamscape, worship, labor.
vivid, scented, sacred.
a tangle of feast and famine.
a source of both delerium and ecstasy.
"a place that is not a place"
a pharmacopeia of possibility.