march 10, 2021 - not the wind but the language of the wind

"To think of color as a substance with density and propensity to fluctuation and change, like the light flowing through the forest, light purple, some subtle mist of green and blue with some red and yellow in there too- was to realize more than color as in coloring. It was some other medium altogether, a curious light lightness, for which the term polymorphous magical substance seems appropriate. Such a substance helped me get out of the spot-of-color-on-the-page idea of color and pushed me into thinking of the great conjuring tricks of shamans reported the world over, tricks in which a plasma-like sense of the being of being flourishes...

I take the fine meshed connectivity between bodies to be where song and the color spirit take us to and from where they emerge... intelligence working in a subterranean manner, like the signals that operate between the moon and the oceans..."

abridged notes from What Color is the Sacred by Michael Taussig and the words of J.N.B Hewitt

barn projection of The Color of Pomegranates by Sergei Parajanov. Inspired by an Iranian painting of two lovers with the same face, Parajanov chose to have Sofiko Chiaureli play both the part of artist and poet Sayat Nova as well as his love and muse.

The dissolution of boundaries is the communion of the divine work, the color, the polymorphous magical substance, the physical chemical psychological transformation.

burn. dissolve. seperate. combine.

(for the tarot enthusiasts... thoth Key-14 Art is the completion of Key-6 The Lovers also known as the divine twins)