august 30, 2021 - the boundary between two worlds is a hole you have to enter

deep in ancient caves where shamans once traveled to other worlds the flicker of firelight reveals art meant to be viewed in space and also recently theorized, in time. with the movement of flame over painterly effects including color shifts and superimpositions- herds run, an ibex turns her head, a deer shape shifts into a bull, and hidden animals emerge from brambles.

[image of a roughly 30,000 year old cave painting from Chauvet Pont D'Arc.
theory from "The First Picture Show: Cinematic Aspects of Cave Art" by Edward Wachtel]

animation: the state of being full of life.
projection: a thing that extends outward from something else.
portal: a sacred entry into another world.

motion. picture. magic.

[scene from "Northern Exposure" where Leonard the healer buries Ed's hand in the dirt, a ritual that over the course of time will reveal that Ed has been called to be a Shaman.]